Five for is a company doing VR Produce & Development as a main business.
Based on the contents division of PD Tokyo Co., Ltd.;
which has been developing business,
mainly focusing experiential events, all-celestial-sphere videos and
real time CG creation for broadcasting, etc.

VR Entertainment business
Development of game
Image & video contents of 360 degrees

VR Hardware development business
Development of peripheral
equipment regarding VR
Produce of facilities with VR

VR Education business
Development of VR contents
for learning / training

Our services

  Born to be the genesis of MR.
Patent pending:Japanese
Patent Application
No. 2017-103294

 The core architect of Five for
  that realizes Mixed Reality
"Smartphone of VR arcade"

"MR-BOX" is Five for's proprietary technology of MR;
 developed to solve the problem in existing VR contents.

Proprietary advantages
Multi-angle function with ability
of switching multiple cameras
makes to see results of synthesis from multi-angled viewpoints
The audiences are able to watch player moving in VR world not only from single but also from multiple viewpoints.
Dual MR - realized MR images in
multiple displays
Results of synthesis are separable into two channels. Compose at once, and output to each monitors of standalone PC(unconnected).
Practical realization of MR technology covering the weakness of VR
succeeds in practical utilisation(durability, stable operation) which is difficult even if with good-resulted test
The highest image quality with the highest output in the world
displays 60fps 4k at present: only our system realizes MR with quite less delay
Technology supporting both
VR and AR
works as AR system as well
Fusion of broadcasting technology and game technology
keeps high image/sound quality by handling image contents with equipments for broadcasting
Basic technology not dependent on head mounted display
makes usable on any model with space-recognizing function
Multilayered synthesis by externalization, and reducing load of synthesis
realizes to synthesize 6 layers maximum
Photo-printing function
makes quick-photo and printing function standardly usable(printer is optional)
*quick-printed photo after playing 'Circle of Saviors'
Green-backed studio
becomes ideal environment for shooting of V-tuber(vlogger using CG avatar)
Mounted technology
Many more technologies now being planned
Don't you have any problem like this?
NOBODY cannot feel
interesting with VR
except player...
VR has a problem that audience can see nothing, although VR is wonderful technology. As a solution, we developed"MR-BOX"which realize Mixed Reality by combining VR technology and broadcasting technology.              
Much interested in
VR contents!
But seems to so
hard to implement...
However, "MR-BOX"will make it much easier, since it's mounting contents and arcade operation within, and applying safety measure. All you need is just deciding 'how many BOXes' depending on your space, and placing them!              
Actual results of installing MR-BOX
Plaza Capcom
Plaza Capcom
Goyang, Korea

Ilsan, Korea
VR Center
*city name without indication of country is in Japan
TV program  Virtual document of TV ASAHI 'VR makes dreams coming true (YUME MIRU VR)'
TV commercials Event of FANTA in Taiwan, with Aimi Sekiguchi (cooperation of MR synthesize)

Supported contents for MR-BOX

Circle of Saviors is a completely new sensible action VR game
developed by Five for Co., Ltd.
In addition to being able to experience the essence of VR with
"intuitive operation", you can experience a feeling close to e-sports with a
comfortable sweat and tired feeling.

                 About us
As when the computer graphics has appeared,
Virtual Reality(VR)
Augmented Reality (AR)
Mixed Reality(MR)

would bring huge changes to
kinds of entertainment and
many other industry in soon future.
We believe that these technologies,
which can convey not only information
but also experiences,
can greatly contribute to society.
We hope to continue to sublimate
the content to something that
we can enjoy more closely by providing
the world with a variety of state-of-the-arts
related to expression.

Representative Director
Takayoshi TANIGAWA
MAR 2017
Company name Five for Co., Ltd.

Established 14 MAR 2017

Representive Director Takayoshi TANIGAWA

Director Tamaki OMOTO

Auditor Keika INOSE

Capital JPY 25,000,000
(capital reserve included)

Office location 101-0047
Uchikanda Chuo Building 7F,
1-18-13, Uchikanda, Chiyoda,
Tokyo, JAPAN

Access 4min-walk
from Kanda Sta.(JR line)

Tel +81-3-6273-7095

Achievement of 'Circle of Saviors'
Jul 2016 Exhibited in Unity VR EXPO, winned Good Contents Award

Sep 2016 Exhibited in Toyko Game Show

Dec 2016 Implemented in VR PARK TOKYO at Shibuya, Tokyo

Dec 2016 Implemented in Umeda Joypolis, Osaka

Jan 2017 Implemented in VR Center at Koshigaya Lake Town, Saitama

Apr 2017 Implemented in Plaza Capcom Kichijoji, Tokyo

Jun 2017 Exhibited in 'Electronic Entertainment Expo'
(E3, the biggest expo regarding computer game)

Jul 2017 Implemented in limited-opened VR facility "Sevensense VR"
at Ario Sendai Izumi, Sendai (also be in charge of store management)
Sep 2017

Aug 2017 Implemented in Capcom VR, Tsudanuma

Sep 2017 Implemented in VR ZONE Daejeon, Korea

Jan 2018 Implemented in Starfield Goyang, Korea

Mar 2018 Implemented in VR ZONE CUBE, Korea

Apr 2018 Implemented in VR -X,Plaza Capcom Hiroshima

Apr 2018 Implemented in Plaza Capcom Ooita

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question and messages.

Office hour is 10:30-19:30 on weekdays.
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